Custom BMX Bikes

Growing up all I ever wanted was a 1987 Dyno Pro Comp. I grew up in a low income part of town and that just wasn't in the cards. Three years ago my graffiti career took off and I found myself in a position to recapture my childhood BMX dreams. 

In my quest to find that epic bike, I became part of a community of BMX psychos just like me all over the world. I got bored of building catalogue bikes and went full on into applying my artistic skills to creating themed bikes. Saved by the Bell, Tiffany & Co., Ghostbusters, Mandalorian, Slimer, Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario... the list goes on!

Now I have a collection of over 50 BMX bikes, each with a distinct theme and my own personal touch. 
If you would like a custom themed BMX bike created to suit your tastes, contact me using the form below.